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I was reading about a grieving woman. She went to the Rev. F. B. Meyer looking for help. She said, "Pastor, my daughter died last year. I miss her so much. I made breakfast for her every morning. And even when I had to go to work, I knew that she would be there when I got home in the evening. But now I come home to an empty house. I’m lonely. And I cry all the time. What can I do?"

The Reverend said, "You gotta talk to Jesus the same way you used to talk to your daughter. When you get home, say out loud, ’Lord Jesus, it’s good to be home.’ While you’re getting supper ready, talk to Him about your day; if anybody has been kind, tell Him; if anybody has been unkind, tell Him, just as you would have told your daughter. At night, stretch out your hand in the darkness and say, ’Jesus, I love you! You’re my best friend. I’ll talk to you in the morning.’"

Source: From a sermon by Marc Axelrod, "Getting Through the Season of Grief" 2/18/2009.

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