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Josh McDowell is one of christianity’s foremost experts on teenagers. His research shows that in evangelical church circles, 65% of teens have had some kind of sexual experience before the age of 18. 43% say they have actually gone all the way. He asked them where they learned their values in this area, and 73% said, "from the movies."

Bristol Palin, the 18-year-old daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, made headlines last summer when it was revealed that she was about to become an unwed mother. On December 27, she gave birth to a baby boy named Tripp. Now, Bristol Palin is back in the news again--and this time by her own choice. She granted an interview to Fox News Channel’s "On the Record." Bristol told Fox News that teenagers should not have sex. However, she also said that sexual abstinence for teens is "not realistic at all."

The good news is that of the 35% who had no experience, the vast majority said the reason was because of a commitment they have made to God. A Senator in Washington once said, "Today’s teens are just hormone hurricanes, and you can’t stop a hurricane."

I’m thankful for a power greater than a hurricane, He’s the Creator of that hurricane, He’s the One that kept my wife and myself pure for each other, He’s our powerful God!

Source: From a sermon by Ralph Juthman, "Ruth: A Love That’s Amazing" 2/21/2009

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