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When I was a senior in high school, I took a trip with some friends over to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. We were headed east on the interstate, going up a long hill, when suddenly the cars started acting very strange on the other side. People were weaving, waving, yelling, flashing their lights and blowing their horns. We wondered what in the world was wrong with those people.

Then we topped the hill and saw this man who was driving down the wrong side of the interstate. Thank the Lord, we happened to be in the right lane or we would have been killed for sure.

That man had no idea he was on the wrong side of the road, so he was putting himself and other people in great danger. There are some things in life we simply must understand. And the most important things of all can only be explained by God. The most important things you will ever have to understand can only be explained by Jesus Christ.

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