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Psalm 51 Our text was written by King David about a year after he had an adulterous affair. While his men were off to war he was home relaxing. The story results in a series of events that went from adultery to deception and finally murder to cover his tracks and hide his transgressions. When his sin caught up with him David wept and grieved deeply. Through his tears and pain he wrote Psalm 51 as he clutched words like "Have mercy" (v 1); "Blot out my transgressions, wash away all my iniquity" (v 1-2); "Cleanse me, wash me" (v 7); finally leading to verses 10-12.

We now appreciate more deeply why David pleaded with God to renew a loyal heart within him. David compromised steadfastness with corruption. He wanted steadfastness back. Through the pain of his misbehaviour and sin God redeemed a broken man. Through his pain David learned the art of being loyal or steadfast and became staunch in his pursuit of God and in his pursuit of loyal relationships.

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