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Let’s say you come home one day to find a stranger in your living room talking to your teenage daughter. He informs you that he has been chatting with your daughter online and says that he and your fourteen year-old are madly in love. He looks to be about forty. He says that he and your daughter have agreed that they should elope to a country that permits girls her age to marry without the consent of parents and that he is there to pick her up.

Now assuming that you would be able to restrain yourself long enough to assess what you are feeling, what you would find is that you have become jealous for your daughter – jealous for the affection that rightfully belongs to you, jealous for her safety and happiness which rightfully belong to her. And you would act swiftly, and by the grace of God legally, to remove this stranger from your daughter’s life and to recalibrate her sense of proper relationships and affections.

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