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1. They were constantly on the move, sort of like carnival workers.

2. They were often accused of being thieves, corrupt.

3. They “lived” out in the fields (check out verse 8), they were just there, they lived there (picture them as the kind of person that eyed sheep all day, then just laid down in the dirt and slept on a rock).

4. If there was a sleep pen, they slept in it with the sheep (in a way, they were no better than the sheep, they were the lowliest of occupations, they watched animals & shoveled their feces).

5. They had a lot of contact with sheep, but no real contact with people (imagine their communication ability).

6. They need their sheep and their sheep knew them.

7. They’re not the kind of person you’d expect them to be invited to the house of a king.

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