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AIDS Story:

I have been teaching Bible lessons for as long as I can remember. But the worst story I had ever heard of took place years ago. A boy and a girl were in college dating, they were “Christian” and they were waiting. As typical, the boy tried to talk the girl into sex repeatedly, but she stood firm and never gave in. Finally, one night, the boy said to the girl, “I really want to marry, I really want to spend the rest of my life with you, but before I give you the ring, we have to sleep together, I have to know what I am getting into physically.” The girl gave in.

While she was boarding her plane to go home for Christmas break, he gave her a present wrapped up in like a ring box in Christmas wrapping. He broke down giving it to her and said this is the most valuable thing he had ever given anyone, and made her promise not to open it until she was home with her parents. She agreed. But knowing that it was an engagement ring, she opened it on the plane almost immediately after the flight took off. But under the wrapping was not a ring box—there was a miniature wooden coffin. And when she opened that up, their was a message inside. The note read “welcome to the world of AIDS.”

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