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I have a friend who is a surfer. He grew up at the beach in North Carolina and has surfed all his life.

He is a skilled surfer. He knows when the waves are good for surfing he knows what equipment he needs and how to properly use it.

He is a skilled surfer.

However, there is one thing my friend cannot do.

As long as he’s been surfing, he cannot make a wave; he can only ride one.

He cannot generate the waves he can only get ready to catch a good wave and then ride it into shore.

Well, breakthroughs are the same.

I can’t, you can’t generate a breakthrough.

You can only ride it when God sends one to you.

A breakthrough is when God generates a wave and sends it in your direction, and you ride that wave onto dry ground and a higher level of living in your life.

Like a breakthrough of water, God wants to send waves into your life.

Waves that will smash walls that have been built up in front of you.

A breakthrough creates momentum in your life in a new and fresh direction.

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