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Sam was a 14 year old purebred Chinese hairless dog who won the World’s Ugliest Dog contest. Sam is covered in blackheads. His skin is wrinkled, brown, and dotted with splotches and several lines of warts. His eyes are pale and frightening. His teeth are misshapen and jut out of his mouth at odd angles. He has two hairs on his tail and five hairs on his head. He is so ugly that the judges at his first competition recoiled in horror when he was placed before them. But none of this seems to faze his owner, Susie Lockhee. In an interview on CBS’s The Early Show, Lockhee said, "People who don’t know him are pretty horrified. They’re very horrified that I’m always kissing him. I’m very affectionate with Sammy because I think he’s very beautiful." Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?

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