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Barbara Gordon tells about her first time fasting. (I don’t want to lose my reward) She fasted one day a week for 9 weeks. She was lead to pray for 9 individuals that had requested prayer. At the end she said, "God moved in many ways during that time. While most of the answers didn’t appear during the 9 weeks, God increased my faith that they would come. Within a year of that first fast, my lost friend came to Christ. Another friend was delivered from a long standing addiction. A couple who marriage seemed doomed is still married several years later. My unmarried friend is still single, but I see her enjoying new peace.

I learned that fasting is not a guarantee that every request will be answered. It is, however, a way to prepare ourselves to pray more in line with God’s will. The most important personal result of my first fast was that I felt more in love with my Savior. Circumstances were indeed changed, but more importantly, I was changed."

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