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Years ago I was in my office and Pastor Steve busted out with an amazing WOW from his. So I went in to ask him what happened. He had been reading a news article about an unlucky club owner who had just closed down for the night. The story read that 100s of partiers were hanging out in the outside area of his facility on the deck partying like they had done for years. Then the bar closed. And as the man walked out to turn off the hanging lamps, the deck immediately collapsed and killed the man by practically cutting him in half.

I then asked Pastor Steve why he specifically thought this was a big deal. He explained to me, "Tom, why would this deck that had tons of weight on it 30 minutes before suddenly crash under the weight of a 150 pound man if God didn’t want this guy killed. Now, there is no way we will ever know for sure, and maybe there is some type of scientific evidence. But in my experience and what the Bible tells me, when God wants a guy taken out He takes him out." I have never forgotten that story.

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