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Proverbs compares fools to dogs. We're all like fools, like dogs sometimes, aren't we? But to become God's friend, you don’t have to go to the human equivalent of dog obedience school, but instead he loves you right now even though you do messes all over the place. All you have to do to become his friend is admit you’ve made a mess (that is sin) and ask him to come and clean it up so you can start again with Jesus your Saviour, Lord and friend.

When Jesus comes into your life, he impacts it in so many amazing ways. He comes as your Saviour, which means wipes away all the mess or sin from our life so we can be with him in heaven when we die. As our Lord he is our loving leader ready to direct us through life. And as our friend, Jesus is always there ready to listen and pay attention to us.

For those of you who think that by cutting down on the messes you do, or by running away and keeping yourself busy playing with others will do – it won’t. The bible says that one day we will all be judged for our life. And that there is no way we can make up for all the mess we have done in the past. Our only hope is to be restored back into relationship with God, that is what happens by becoming a Christian.

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