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Some Christian guys (the Harris brothers) created a website and group designed to lead people to Christ and to correct some wrongs in society. On their website at they have done one of the greatest polls ever done on the issue of clothes and modesty. They asked 100s of questions to thousands of men, and got what the American male sees as modest and immodest. Would you like the results?

*We have to realize that this information may have an impact on how some girls feel (technically that is good). But it does pinpoint sin to one gender. Just mention that if we were doing a lesson on touch or choice words or other stuff that is more geared towards males, the opposite affect would take place.

**Also, just because a majority of men think something is immodest, it does not necessarily mean that. Of course the opposite is also true, just because few men think something is immodest, doesn’t make it so.

This is going to be given to you ladies so you can have some understanding as to what men think, cool?

Suggestion: keep track of all of those higher than 40% (or those lower than 60% if it is a reverse statement):


1. Modesty is an important feature for a future wife to have. 95.4% Agree

2. You have less respect for an immodest girl than a modest one. 75.6% Agree

3. Character, intelligent, and personality are more important than physical beauty. 91.1% Agree

4. Zipping a form-fitting jacket just below the chest draws too much attention to the bust. 56.8% Agree

5. Denim jackets with faded sections on the chest draw too much attention to the bust. 31.9% Agree

6. Leotards, sheer skirts, and tutus in theatre or dance performances are immodest. 35.8% Agree

7. Immodest clothing is less of a problem for you when a friend wears it. 14.3% Agree

8. A technically modest outfit can be a stumbling block when it has attached sexual 61.8% Agree

associations (such as Brittney Spears wearing a school girl outfit)

9. It is okay for girls to wear tighter and/or more revealing clothes if they are working out. 26.3% Agree

10. Showing any cleavage is immodest. 70.4% Agree

11. Bending over so that cleavage is visible down the front of the shirt/dress is a stumbling 89.8% Agree block.

12. It is a stumbling block when a girl reaches into her shirt to adjust her bra strap. 65.4% Agree

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