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Antibacterial: Salt is specifically called an antibacterial because when placed on a food item, it prevents the increase of bacteria. Because there are no more bacterial, the food is not going to spoil by stopping mould from growing on the item (we can see now why people in history were very superstitious with salt, they did not know why, but they knew there was a healing/preserving effect with salt).

How do we preserve? By being HOLY.

Society Example: Over the last 50 years, our society has allowed USA to become full of bacteria & mould.

Dick Clark’s American Bandstand: use to be music of rebellion (now what is on MTV).

Gone with the Wind was often banned because of 1 cuss word (now cuss words are all over TV and in all forms)

Parents use to be shown in separate bedrooms (now people hardly dating are shown doing anything)

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