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A young man came to a farm looking for work. So the farmer set him to the task immediately. He had a barn that needed painting. So the task was handed to the young man. The farmer said to himself that it would take at least three days to finish the task but in two days the young man had finished. The farmer was very pleased and showered the young man with praise.

He then give the young the task of plowing the field, expecting the job to be done in two weeks but to his surprise in one the task was completed. The farmer thought to himself at this rate the young man would soon be out of chores to do.

The farmer had recently harvested some potatoes and had them stored in the barn so he told the young man to sort them into piles:

- One pile for the good ones

- Another pile made of those which had began to sprout

- And a third consisting of those which were not good.

He expected the young man to finish in a few hours but at the end of the day the youngster was far from finished. The farmer was astonished and inquired of the young man what the problem was, after all for much bigger task he had finished with remarkable speed. Why was he taking so long for such a simple task?

The young replied that he had a problem deciding which potato should be placed in each pile.

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