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Micaela played t-ball. Many of you know about the t-ball experience. One of the kids asked me if Micaela’s team was good. I chuckled because from what I see no t-ball team is “good.” They are there to learn some basics and have fun.

The biggest struggle that the coaches face is not kids who can’t throw or kids who can’t catch. The biggest struggle is simply making sure that the kids are ready. Too quickly kids lose focus. They get distracted by, well, by everything! You name it and they would rather focus on that rather than focus on the kid trying to hit the ball. Grass, dandelions, bugs, trash, and especially for the boys—dirt! Constantly throughout the hour and half, we remind the kids to be ready. Ready for the ball. Ready to run to the next base.

Why is this so important? Not so they will do well. Not so they will not embarrass us. It is so they won’t get hurt. A ball in the face or collision between to two teammates as they left the field (one was daydreaming and realized everyone was leaving took off for the bench slamming into the kid who was running past him).

Likewise we must be ready. We don’t know how long Jesus will delay so we need to be ready. We don’t know when Jesus work and reveal himself around us. We constantly need to be ready. Ready for his coming again but I think ready for God to act. After God’s timing is usually not our timing.

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