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You remember the story I told you of the Welshman who heard a young man preach a very fine sermon-a grand sermon, a highfaluting, spread-eagle sermon; and when he had done, he asked the Welshman what he thought of it. The man replied that he did not think anything of it.

• "And why not?"

"Because there was no Jesus Christ in it."

• "Well," said he, "but my text did not seem to run that way."

"Never mind," said the Welshman, "your sermon ought to run that way."

• "I do not see that, however," said the young man.

"No," said the other, "you do not see how to preach yet. This is the way to preach. From every little village in England - it does not matter where it is - there is sure to be a road to London. Now, from every text in the Bible there is a road to Jesus Christ, and the way to preach is just to say, `How can I get from this text to Jesus Christ?’ and then go preaching all the way along it."

• "Well," said the young man, "suppose I find a text that does not have a road to Jesus."

"I have preached for forty years," said the old man, "and I have never found such a Scripture, but if I ever do find one I will go over hedge and ditch but what I will get to him, for I will never finish without bringing in my Master." (Charles Spurgeon, How to Read the Bible).

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