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I remember a few years ago when we commissioned the team from our church to travel to Lousiana to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. And I remember getting word that one of our members had cut herself badly on the leg. And I remember the concern I felt and the concern others felt over how she was doing. Was she going to be okay? Should she stay or come back for treatment? All kinds of questions go through your mind.

Now, imagine that one of our own on that trip had been in a hospital on a ventilator and the doctors had said, "It’s touch and go. We’re not sure they’re going to make it." What would that do to our church family? It would disturb us. Cause emotional discomfort. Bring us to our knees in prayer, begging God to spare their life.

Well, this is how the Philippian Christians felt. They were deeply concerned over Epaphroditus’ illness and whether or not he would live.

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