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Pastor Roe shares some insight about this horrible act of Saul:

"Why does Saul leap on this thing so desperately? Who is Saul really angry at? God. Who rejected Saul? God. Who chose David? God. Who sent a spirit of evil to harass Saul? God. Who won’t answer Saul when he inquires of Him? God. Saul is really angry at God. But, how can you strike against someone who is invisible? You can’t! So, how do you get even with God? By picking on someone who is the visibility of God, the priests of God, and one other person. What is David? God’s anointed. What does the word anointed mean in Hebrew? Messiah! Saul is after the Messiah and Saul is after God’s believing priests. He is going to wipe out both, if he can. Who is Satan after? Who are his primary targets? 2,000 years ago he tried to get one of them, the Messiah, Jesus Christ, God’s anointed. And who has he been trying to destroy for the last 2,000 years? God’s priests, you and I, the believers. See who has taken possession of Saul’s thinking process now. This is not a physical battle. This is only the playing out of the action that has been going on in the spiritual realm. Saul is playing the role of Satan’s tool down here, and he does not even know it. Saul has become spiritually blind (I add and it will kill him!)."

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