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Have you ever seen those frequent flyer programs that the airlines have? Fly with us and you will earn points that can get free flights (of course with the restrictions on when you can use those points and on what flights, the only way to redeem them is on a one way flight to Butte, Montana between February 30 and February 31 but that is a whole other issue). And the way customer service is with airlines, it is almost like a competition to see who can treat you the worst. “Fly with us and will treat you like you’ve never been treated before. And while you wait on a crowded plane for six hours to take off with a broken toilet, we’ll give you 30 bonus points that you can use to purchase our own magazine that gives you hours of pointless reading and more useless information than the Internet,”

But I thought, “What if…” What if we created a Frequent Attender program here at KCG? “Earn points when you come and worship. Earn a thousand points and become an elite member and you will get great benefits. Like free upgrades to aisle seating. A personalized pillow with a complimentary chocolate every time you worship. At 2000 points, you become a platinum member where you will be given a personalized coffee mug and your very own Snuggie! Act now because right now after signing up, if you attend four Sundays in a row, you will get a free half hour counseling session with Pastor Mark. That’s right, free counseling! See our website for details and limitations on this fabulous offer.”

But it really isn’t about us. It isn’t about us at all.

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