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The story goes that the animals at the National Zoo all got together to play a football. Each animal played the position that was geared to the way it was designed. Since the giraffe had a tall neck to see well, it was the quarterback for the one side. But the defense for the other team was tough with elephants and gorillas. The first team advanced the ball gaining a first down at the fifty but was stopped and had to punt. A zebra came who kicked the ball into the end zone where it was received by a huge grey rhino. The ball stuck on it’s horn and it ran straight ahead. The gazelles and the lions and chimps and the pandas all tried to tackle the rhino but he kept those legs churning straight ahead to a touchdown.

And that is how it went the entire first half. No matter what the first team threw at the rhino, they couldn’t bring it down. At half time they went into the locker room demoralized losing 56 to nothing. Unfortunately, they had no answers but to keep trying. Since they received the ball at the opening half, they had to kick off at the start of the second. Boom! They ball sailed down the field caught by you know who, the rhino. Straight ahead he plowed through every animal. At the twenty and then the ten and at the five yard line, all of a sudden the rhino flipped upside down and landed with a crash.

“Who did that?” the animals called to one another. The lion said, “Not me.” The zebra said, “Not me!” Everyone denied it and was quiet for moment, when a little voice said, “It was me. I did it!”

“Who said that?” asked the chimp looking around.


“Me who? Where are you?”

“Down here,” said the voice. They looked very carefully and saw a little tiny centipede.

“You mean to tell me that you took down the rhino all by yourself?”

“Yeah, it was me. No problem! It was easy.”

“And you can do it again?”

“Yeah, sure. Any time. He’ll never see it coming.”

“Well where were you in the first half when we were getting killed?”

“Where do you think? I was putting on my shoes.”

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