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I have a friend who is a pastor at a church in the lower 48 who was telling me about the flowers in his church. His church, like ours, will take the flowers that were in the worship service that morning, and give them to shut ins or someone who is in the hospital.

He said he started getting these calls from some of the folks who were receiving the flowers from the church. They were saying, "Pastor, Lucy delivered some flowers yesterday, and she said that the flowers were from her and her husband, but, they sure look like the ones we get in church." My friend told them, that they must have heard wrong for certainly Lucy would never do something like that.

But the calls kept on coming, "Lucy gave me flowers today, and she told me they were from her and her husband, but they sure look like the flowers from church."

This lady really was telling these people a bold face lie that the flowers were from her and her husband. That my friends is doing deeds to make yourself look good, and that my friends will also get the attention of God.

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