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I once read about a young man who had run away from home because he could not get along with his parents. Somehow, his parents were able to get a message to him, inviting him back home. He wrote back, saying that he was coming home and if they were sure he was welcome, they should hang a white handkerchief in their apple tree which he would be able to see from the train. As the train neared his home, the young man became apprehensive and told the person sitting next to him, "I can’t bear to look, because I don’t know if they will welcome me. Please watch for me." And he put his hands over his eyes. His seatmate watched and then said, "Hey. You have to look." And when the young man opened his eyes he saw not just one handkerchief, but a tree completely filled with handkerchiefs fluttering in the wind.

His parents wanted their son to come home. The story serves as a parable of God’s love.

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