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The 65th Anniversary of D-Day was observed June 6th. It was the largest single day amphibious invasion of all time. With nearly 200,000 troops involved; 160,000 would land on the 50 mile stretch of beaches known as Normandy.

There were many obstacles that day: the weather, the rough seas, German fortifications, and the expectation of an imminent invasion. But there were some things on their side as well: the weather, the rough seas, the overconfidence of the German leadership, and the determination of the Allied forces.

While the Allies were looking at the clearing weather over the channel (yet still rough) the Germans were looking at the terrible weather over France. The officers, many soldiers and commanding General Rommel were away from the Norman coast. They were sure nothing would happen yet.

Of course, history tells the story of the sacrificial victory won on the invasion. It tells us how General Eisenhower sought the Lord and knew, only by God’s help, would there be victory.

This military battle has many similarities to the story of David conquering Jerusalem.

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