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The Devil Is A Liar

A well-paid, recently-promoted young executive dreamed he died and stood at the Pearly Gates. Peter asks: "Do you want to go to heaven or to hell?"

"Let me know my options," he says. "Show me hell." Up pops a giant screen with a video playing. Girls in bikinis and well-built guys are playing volleyball on the beach. Coolers are iced down with beer. Everybody is wearing brand-name clothes and driving a BMW.

Then he asks for a glimpse of heaven, only to notice that the video is still running. It pans upward and shows a park filled with old people sitting on benches feeding the birds and playing checkers -- with angels singing in the background.

"Uh, very nice," the guy mutters, "but I think I prefer hell." Immediately he is plunged into molten lava! In agonizing pain, he hollers at Peter. "Hey, where’s the beach and the babes? What about the beer and cars?"

"Sorry," he says. "What you saw was the demo tape sent up by Satan."


From a sermon by Jennifer Mears HOW TO SLAY A LYING LION (SATAN) 10/11/2009

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