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In 1997 there was survey taken by U. S. News and World Report, "Who do you think is mostly likely to get into heaven?" Mother Teresa had a 79%, Oprah Winfrey 66%, Michael Jordon 65%, Colin Powell 61%, Dennis Rodman 28% and O. J. Simpson 19%. The person completing the survey said there was one person who had better chance than all of these and it was him. It causes me to wonder how they rated the chances. I know there is only one way to heaven and that is by the blood of Jesus Christ.

I read a story of a man who was on his way to the airport to catch a plane. He came to an intersection where his wife had told him he needed to turn left to get to the airport. It was a narrow little road and he was on a board road that also would let I see some of nature’s beauty. He decided to take the more scenic route. There is a way that seems right to man the Bible says. The time was getting away and little voice kept saying turn around and take the narrow road. He reasoned "I feel like an idiot." Pride and stubbornness kept him going on the...

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