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Brain Translplant

There’s a story about a wealthy man who was terminally ill. The doctor said, "There’s only “one thing” that will save you. “A brain transplant.” - It’s an experimental operation. And it’s very expensive." The wealthy guy said, - "Money is no object. Can you get me a brain?" The doctor said, - "We have three available right now. The first one was from a college professor. But it’ll cost you $10,000." The guy said, "Don’t worry. I can pay; it will make me much wiser. What about the second brain?" The doctor said, "It was from a rocket scientist. It’ll cost you $100,000." The man said, "I have the money. And I’d be a lot smarter too. But tell me about the third brain." The doctor said, "The third brain is from a Professional football player. But it would set you back a million dollars." The man said, "A million dollars? Why so much for his brain?" The doctor said, "It’s never been used."

· We too have unused power in us, above us, around us, everywhere, not our brain, but it is called The GOSPEL!

The story of the antidote. / The “Only” Cure / Tremendously Expensive!

From a sermon by Johnny Carver, The Unused Gospel, 10/23/2009

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