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Missionary to India Counters Brahmin View of Justice

Mr. Thomas, one of the missionary brethren of Serampore, was one day, after addressing a crowd of natives on the banks of the Ganges, accosted by a Brahmin as follows: "Sir, don’t you say that the devil tempts men to sin?" "Yes!" answered Mr Thomas. "Then," said the Brahmin, "certainly the fault is the devil’s. The devil, therefore, and not man, ought to suffer punishment."

While the countenances of many of the natives disclosed their approbation of the Brahmin’s inference, Mr. Thomas, observed a boat with several men on board descending the river. With that facility of instructive retort for which he was so much distinguished, he replied "Brahmin, do you see yonder boat?" "Yes," "Suppose I were to send some of my friends to destroy every person on board, and bring me all that is valuable in the boat--who ought to suffer punishment? I, for instructing them or, they for doing this wicked act? "Why," answered the Brahmin with emotion, "You ought to be put to dead together!" "Ay, Brahmin," replied Mr. Thomas, "and if you and the devil sin together, the devil and you will be punished together." --H. F. Sayles

From a sermon by Nathan Johnson, Perfect Justice, 10/23/2009

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