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How a Wrestler Motivated Himself

What we need isn’t logic; it’s faith in God. What we need is motivation to do the right thing. How can you get that motivation?

The University of Oklahoma is quite proud of its wrestling team and on a certain day they were going down to wrestle at Memphis State. The Coach got his team together and said, “Guys, Memphis State has developed a hold called the double reverse. They take a man and bend him in two once, then they bend in two a second time, turn him upside down, get him where he can’t move his arms or his legs and they’ll pin him and it’s over. Whatever you do, don’t let them get you in that double reverse.

OK, coach, we’ll watch for it. The first five guys went to the mat and sure enough, all five were defeated by the double reverse. The coach then went over to the smallest wrestler on the team and said, “Son, if you get caught in the double reverse we won’t even place in this meet. Whatever you do don’t get caught in the double reverse.” Ok Coach”, the kid said. “I’ll do my very best.”

Then he immediately went out and got caught in the double reverse, bent in two once, twice, turned him upside down. The coach groaned and covered his eyes. He just knew the match was lost.

About then he heard a loud scream. Then everybody began to shout and applaud. For the first time in history the infamous double reverse had been broken.

At the end of the match, the Coach asked, "What did you do?" The kid said, “Well he bent me over, turned me and I couldn’t move." "I know, I know that part, what did you do to break free?"

"Well, Coach, as I was going down I remembered what you said, ‘Do whatever you have to do!’ I looked out there and there was a big toe right in front of my mouth. So I reached out there and chomped down hard as if I would bite that toe clean off. You know something, coach, its an amazing thing how much motivation you can have to break free when you nearly bite off your own big toe!"

Sometimes we just need a little motivation to do the right thing in obeying God’s Word concerning stewardship.

From a sermon by James May, The Sermon No Body Wants To Hear, 10/25/2009

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