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Battle Dress for Spiritual Warfare

Marine recruits were each issued a service bag filled with clothing, in addition to a rifle, a cartridge belt, a bayonet, and a heavy steel helmet. Since those just arriving on base did not know how to care for themselves, recruits were also issued basic supplies for their hygiene needs—the so-called “bucket issue,” though the Corps had another name. Among the items of clothing were what were to become known as BDU—battle dress utilities. Until somewhat recently, BDU was an acronym referring to the combat clothing worn by American soldiers into battle. A marine would have various uniforms to be worn for different occasions. BDUs were issued to give the marine some advantage during combat. In the ancient world, battle dress included armour which gave a measure of protection from injury during combat.

From a sermon by Michael Stark, Battle Dress, 10/25/2009

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