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Why Ministers Fall Into Immorality


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Insurance companies look for good risk individuals and avoid bad risks. All of us like hearing, we are a Preferred Risk!

Dr. Howard Hendrick’s relates that he knew of 246 men who fell from the ministry over a twenty-four month period for reasons of immorality.

246 men

10 a month

3 a week

Dr. Hendricks discovered they exhibited the following traits:

• None were involved in a personal accountability group

• Each Ceased to invest time daily in Prayer, Bible Reading and Worship

• Without exception all said, “It won’t happen to me.”


Do you spend personal time with the Lord in prayer and reading Scripture at least 3 times per week? Yes or No?

Do you have at least one or two friends who you are close enough that you cannot con and who will tell you the truth? Yes or No?

Are you spending a significant time with someone other than your spouse?

Yes or No?

Are you absolutely sure you will finish strong? Yes or No?

1 Wrong = At Risk

2 Wrong = Moderate Risk

3 Wrong = Bad Risk

4 Wrong = Dead Meat!

Is there a hook lodged in your emotional jaw? Asks Randy Alcorn

Do I look forward in a special way to my appointments with this person?

Do I seek to meet with the individual away from the office in a more casual environment?

Do I prefer that my co-workers or others not know I’m meeting with this individual again?

Randy Alcorn, Strategies to Keep from Falling, Leadership (Winter 1988), p.44

From a sermon by Rick Finitzer, Watch Out for Ambushes, 10/28/2009

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