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Office Worker Reads Bible In Secret at Work

When I was a college student I worked for a time in a government office. I noticed after a while in that office that one of the engineers whose desk was back-to-back with mine would perform a little lunch hour ritual involving something in his desk drawer. He’d get out his brown bag and then he’d do something down in that desk drawer; he’d take a bite of sandwich and then he’d lean over and just squint and stare a something. Every now and again he’d reach in one hand and move something, as if he were turning a page, maybe.

Well, curiosity got the better of me. Was it some sort of top-secret document? Unlikely, because we were not the CIA or the FBI; we were the U. S. Geological Survey, and figures on the number of gallons of water flowing down the river were hardly security clearance items. Was it the latest edition of Playboy, maybe? Now you’ll know I had to peek!

Guess what I saw in his desk drawer? What was the object of his attention? A Bible! He was secretly reading the Bible on his lunch hour. And when I mentioned what I had seen, he turned six shades of red and asked me not to tell anybody; "These folks wouldn’t understand", he said.

What a shame! What a shame to miss the natural intersections of life! What a shame to be gathering knowledge of the Lord and understanding of the Scriptures and then not be willing to share it with anybody!

From a sermon by Joseph Smith, Since You’re Going Anyway, Teach, 11/6/2009

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