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Dog Sitting on a Nail Example:

A man walks into a hotel, and when he begins to pay his fee, a dog sitting on a cushion near the register howls in one of the worst howls the visitor has ever heard. Since the man working the desk doesn’t seem to be bothered, the two go back to their own business. A bit later, another howl roars, this one seemingly worse than the first. Puzzled, the visitor looks at the dog who appears to be in a small amount of pain, but notices the dog put his head back down and return to a position of rest.

Finally, the dog hollers a third time and the visitor can’t stand it anymore. He asks the front desk, why is the dog howling like that? A man at the front desk responds very casually, “oh, he is just sitting on a nail.”

“Sitting on a nail? Sitting on a nail?” exclaims the man checking in. “Why in the world doesn’t he just move?” The owner of the dog responds in all sincerety, “because the dog is hurting enough to complain about it, but not hurting enough to do anything about it.”

The same is true for us. When it comes to problems, all we typically do is complain, and complain, and complain. When it comes to our walk with Christ, when it comes to our idols, do we care enough to do something about it?

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