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Ten Steps to Avoiding a Loser (Received from a Secular Source as a Warning to Women):

(this is absolutely hilarious, because the actions are so obvious)

“Here are 10 steps to avoiding the loser:

1. Do background checks on the men you date or are considering dating.

2. Don’t pick up guys in bars and parties where alcohol or drugs are present.

3. Don't date married men- no matter what he says about leaving his wife.

4. Don’t date your friends’ exes. Not only is it bad form, you also already know all the dirt on them. Just steer clear of guys that have been involved with your friends.

5. Be confident and send out healthy, happy vibes to attract men of the same disposition.

6. Try new things. Consider blind dating or Internet dating. It’s possible you’ve maxed all of your local resources for meeting good guys and it’s time to search elsewhere.

7. Watch out for guys with no personal motivation to complete their goals- or guys who have no personal goals at all.

8. Walk away at the first sign of abuse. If there is any hint of abuse of any kind, walk away. Don’t wait for him to actually hit you or worse.

9. Take your time jumping into a relationship. Things always seem great in the beginning and often turn out to be another loser. Don’t jump in too quickly and take time to get to know him first.

10. Beware of guys who have children they don’t support or many children with multiple women.”

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