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Nine year-old Girl Transformed by Liver Transplant and Change of Blood Type

Demi-Lee Brennan had a liver transplant at age 9. She faced a life on anti-rejection drugs like every other transplant patient. Nine months later, however, her red blood cells were being attacked by her own white blood cells. It was as if her body was treating them as if they were an invader. Something radical had to be done to save her. On a whim her doctor decided to take her off the anti-rejection medications and she got better. What happened was she had changed blood type. She was no longer O-negative, like her parent’s but had taken on the donor’s O-positive type.

Now, at 15, she is totally off any immunosuppresion and, although she has to retake every childhood shot she’s ever had. She is normal. The fact that a young boy had died to give Ms. Brennan a new life isn’t taken lightly. She says, "I’m probably the most grateful person because that has saved my life and gave me a chance to fulfill my life. I just want to live it the most I’ve got for them and to show them that I’m so grateful." [1]

[1] accessed November 11, 2009

Radical transformations do happen. Not only when a donor’s blood cell invades a person’s marrow but also spiritually when God calls us to new life through His son, Jesus.

From a sermon by Charles Wilkerson, Harvesting God’s Joy, 11/17/2009

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