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Miraculous Protection of Missionary John G. Paton

John G. Paton was a missionary to the New Hebrides. He had aroused the enmity of the local native chief by his successes in the Gospel, the chief hired a man to kill the missionary.

The man went to the missionary’s house, but instead of murdering Paton he returned in terror, saying he had seen a row of men, dressed in white, surrounding the missionary’ home. The chief thought the man had drunk too much whiskey and encouraged him to try again. The next time others of the tribe accompanied him. That night they all saw three rows of men surrounding Paton’s home. When the chief asked the missionary where he kept the men in the daytime who surrounded his house at night, Paton, knowing nothing of what had happened, disclaimed the whole idea.

When the chief in his amazement, told his story, the missionary realised the natives had seen an angelic company which God had sent to protect him.

From a sermon by Dean Courtier, Psalm 91 - A conditional promise? 11/17/2009

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