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Pastor Doug Forsberg, an associate at Bethany First Church of the Nazarene recently spoke of an experience he had while pastoring a small church in Florida. It involved a member of his church, an older gentleman by the name of Benny. Now Benny was about ninety-nine to one hundred years old and he lived in the local nursing home. One day while in the midst of his usual duties Pastor Doug got a call from Benny, out at the nursing home. Benny called up and said, "Hurry, hurry. Pastor Doug I’ve got to see you right now. It’s important. Please hurry." Pastor Doug, knowing Benny’s age feared the worst, so he dropped everything and ran out to the nursing home to see what emergency Benny was facing. When he arrived pastor Doug asked Benny, "Well Benny, what’s the emergency? What’s so important?" Benny looked up at the pastor and replied, "Pastor Doug, I’m goinna get married, and I’ve called you out because I want you to perform the ceremony." Pastor Doug was kinda taken back and he said, "Uh, OK, but first tell me something about this woman?" Benny replied, "OK." Doug asked, "Is she a Christian?" He said, "No!" Pastor...

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