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A.W. Tozer and Andrew Murray on Humility

Humility and dying to myself are inseparable.

A.W. Tozer nailed the nail on the head, saying, “In every Christians heart there is a cross and a throne and the Christian is on the throne till he puts himself on the cross; if he refuses the cross he remains on the throne. Perhaps this is at the bottom of the backsliding and worldliness among believers today. We want to be saved but insist Christ do all the dying.”

Andrew Murray put it this way, “Many Christians fear and flee and seek deliverance from all that would humble them. At times they may pray for humility but in their heart of hearts they pray even more to be kept from the things that would bring them to that place.”

Humility results in a life of dying to self which produces radical obedience and reckless abandon.

Jesus was humble and “obedient unto death...”

From a sermon by Nate Herbst, Christlike Attitudes, 11/21/2009

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