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God wants to touch us. He knows that we need his touch to live. Through Jesus God came here to do just that. Jesus’ death for us, and resurrection for us, and ascension to glory from which he sent the Holy Spirit for us, is God’s gift to us so that we can touch him.

Our granddaughter, Brisa, when she was in Costa Rica, loved to talk with us on the computer through "Skype." Skype is a program so that if you have internet you can actually see and talk with others who are online with you. It’s like seeing each other on TV and talking. Also, it’s free. Anyway, Jenny (Mimi) would sometimes read books to Brisa over the internet and before they would get off, the would kiss each other by kissing the screen.

When Brisa arrived here a few weeks ago and we were hugging and kissing her, she said, as she held Jenny’s face, "Mimi! You’re soft!"

It wasn’t like TV anymore, it was real touch and kisses!

Later, at home we were looking at some family pictures and Brisa saw our grandparents and asked who they were. As Jenny was explaining who they were, Brisa asked if we could go see them. Jenny then told Brisa that they had died and were with God now. Brisa looked for a minute and then she said, "Jesus is soft to them now."

Jenny said, "That’s right, Brisa, Now Jesus is soft to them."

One day, we will see Him too, you know. One day God will wipe every tear from our eyes... He will be soft to us.

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