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In her book Better Than Ever, Dr. Joyce Brothers, popular psych, shows we are prejudiced toward attractive people. We consistently judge beautiful people to be more sensitive, kind, intelligent, interesting, sociable, and exciting than less attractive people." She explains a study she conducted in a school among kindergartners and teachers regarding the people to whom they were most often attracted "Children picked their most attractive classmates as their favorites. Their teachers did likewise, and considered the less attractive children more likely to be troublemakers."

She continues... "When we grow up, for both men and women, higher salary levels and greater advancement have a high correlation with pleasant looks, at all ages and in all fields." No matter how far think we've come, all have tendency to judge based on appearances...

At least 3 ways...

(1) What a person HAS -- looks, possessions, how rich or poor, car drive, house own & where

(2) What a person DOES -- his job, his accomplishments, his influence and power

(3) How a person LOOKS -- phys appearance, clothes

All of these things are not only inaccurate measures of who a person is, but they are short-sighted and change over time.

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