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NOTE: The following (point I) is directly quoted from Melton, Donnie and he answers the questions for the Tithes and Offering quiz (he designed) handed out to the congregation:

I. The tithes and offering test:

a. Malachi 3 - Tithes and Offering Test:

i. The first problem which hinders God’s people from giving is a financial problem.

ii. Some people claim they cannot afford to tithe.

iii. The most basic principle to financial recovery is to honor God with your tithe first!

iv. It is not the lack of finances which keep one from tithing, but rather it is the lack of faith.

v. Malachi makes it clear that the Believer has an obligation/responsibility to give back unto God a portion of that with which God has blessed him with.

vi. The biblical tithe is 10% percent of your gross income.

vii. An offering is considered to be the amount given above the tithe.

viii. God has promised an abundant blessing for those who trust Him by giving their tithes and offerings.

ix. Another important promise of this text is that of protection for those who tithe.

x. Failure to honor God with your tithes and offering will be a hindrance to your spiritual growth.

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