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Remember Jonah? He fought the will of God. He was miserable in his hometown when he heard the will of God. He ran away to Tarshish and was miserable on the whole trip. When you have to hide in a belly of a ship to get away from the storm you brought upon yourself by disobedience you’re always miserable. He was miserable overboard. He was miserable in the belly of the fish. He was miserable after being spit out on shore. How would you like to be a seaweed sandwich with fish sauce all over you and I don’t mean tartar sauce. The only time he had a brief break in his turmoil was in the revival at Ninevah. Then he was miserable again because he still fought the will of God in his mind though his actions had surrendered to the call. Folks, a man is not miserable doing the will of God. A man is miserable outside the will of God. The safest place to be is in the center of the will of God even if it is in the worst of external circumstances. The most dangerous place to be is in luxurious circumstances and rebellious to the will of God. If you are God’s child He is intent on you following His clear direction or face the consequences. His direction leads to peace. The opposite direction leads to a veritable hell on earth.

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