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2 Corinthians 7:1,“Let us cleanse ourselves” - that means we would do a good job if we were just as fond of straightening our own selves out as we are to find the faults of others. It is God’s Holy Spirit that will do the work but we must enter in to an active cooperation with God on this matter. The word for cleanse is the same word for what the Jews did when they celebrated the Passover. Seven days before the Passover the wife of the home searches for all leaven used in bread and cleans it all out except for ten pieces. Her husband has instructed his wife purposely to leave ten small pieces of leavened bread in the house. Then the father takes the children, along with a candle, a wooden spoon, a feather, and a piece of linen cloth, and searches through the house for the ten pieces of leaven. By nightfall on the day before Passover a final and comprehensive search is performed. At this time, the house is completely dark except for the candles. Once the father finds the leaven, he sets the candle down by the leaven and lays the wooden spoon beside the leaven. Then he uses the feather to sweep the leaven onto the spoon. Without touching the leaven, he takes the feather, spoon, and leaven, wraps them in a linen cloth, and casts them out of the door of the house. The next morning, on the fourteenth of the Jewish month Nisan, he goes into the synagogue and puts the linen cloth and its contents into a fire to be burned. This is called purging out the old leaven. Children of God, we need to do a good bit of this. Leaven in the Bible is the symbol for sin. We need to search it out and take it out. We need to search for it by the candlelight of God’s word. We live in dark houses, overcome by the darkness of this world. I grew up in a G-rated society. Our entertainment was movies like Roy Rogers, Tarzan and Huckleberry Finn. In just 50 years we have become a XXX society where Christians think nothing of sinning because everybody else is doing it.

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