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Synergistic Effect of Draft Horses Pulling in Pairs Compared to Corporate Prayer

My friend, if you are negligent about prayer in this way you are letting your church down. I read this week about a horse-pull in Canada where they hitched this one draft horse and he pulled 9,000 pounds. They hitched another strong horse up and he pulled 8,000 pounds. So, they figured the two of them together could pull 17,000 pounds. They loaded the sled with 17,000 pounds and hooked the two stout beasts to the sled and they almost ran away with the load. They were surprised, so they kept adding fertilizer bags and testing their strength. Do you know how much those two horses pulled together? Those two mighty steeds pulled 30,000 pounds, over three times what either horse could pull separately. I’m telling you that Aletheia will see God work three times or more powerful on our behalf if we surrender our individual freedom for corporate intercession.

From a sermon by Tim Adams, Vision for Prayer, 12/1/2009

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