3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

For most of us our only understanding of chariots and there use in warfare comes from movies.

Most of us have watch Charlton Heston in the chariot race in ben hur.

There is scene in the movie Gladiator that is terrifying. Maximus and the other gladiators are dressed as barbarians. They are standing in the center of the coliseum when the announcer voice sounds.

"the Emperor is pleased to bring you the LEGIONNAIRES OF SCIPIO AFRICANUS". The gates burst open as the glorius chariots explode into the arena, one at a time. Leopard skins drape the shoulders of the chariot drivers. Each chariot carries a female warrior in golden armour and golden helmet, armed with bows and wearing swords at their waists. The chariots are driven at great speed as they circle the "Barbarians" who gather in the center of the arena. Before the battle begins a chariot crushes one gladiator.

Chariots were considered the ultimate weapon in the ancient world. Though initially viewed as an instrumental weapon of terror at the forefront of any advancing army, the chariot was also a battlefield "clean up" weapon used to decimate routing enemy. In ancient times, most casualties - occurred when one army made the terrible decision to run from the battle as this was the moment that their pursuers could wreak havoc on the confused lines in retreat.

It is these terrifying weapons that play a significant role in the next chapter of God’s deliverance stories in the book of judges.

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