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In Youngstown Ohio one of the individuals that was a part of a group I drank coffee with was a young volunteer firefighter and newly trained EMT. One day working a part time shift for an ambulance company in Boardman, OH, John was a part of a response team called to a house where a live alone elderly man had called 911. He had collapsed and it was believed that he was suffering a heart attack.

John’s vehicle was the first on scene and leaving his partner behind at the truck he rushed to the front door of the home. It was locked. Fearing for the man’s life, he stood back focused and gave a huge side kick to the door, bursting the jambs and allowing him access to the home. John was very proud or his accomplishment. The fact that he had so swiftly broken the door and gained entry. His pride diminished significantly when his partner rushed inside to inform him it was the wrong house.

He did everything right. His motives were pure his heart was in the right place, just one little detail led him to be totally wrong in the end.

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