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My grandmother lived until she was 108. Now that is a long life! At 90 I remember her going on expeditions with a lapidary club. She loved collecting rocks and climbing mountains and walking for incredible distances. She would talk about the old people in the nursing home in which she lived. They were younger than she was!

In Genesis 5 people seem to live for an incredibly long time. Like Adam, who lives for 930 years. And Methusaleh for 969 years, the oldest man who has ever lived. That’s impossible?!!! Well actually it’s not. According to Larry Richards, medical researchers now know that many if not most human diseases are genetic, caused when malfunctions occur in the duplication of the human genetic code. The wonder is not so much that they lived so long in the days when genetic deterioration was at it’s earliest stages. The wonder is how do we remain healthy enough in our lives to live as long as we do so many years later! The bible says we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14)

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