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Recently, I caught a segment on TV of a movie called Jack. It’s the story of a boy that ages four times faster than usual. Robin Williams plays the role of Jack. He enters public school for the first time in the fifth grade. Though he has the emotional and mental development of a fifth grade boy, he has the body of a 40-year old man.

The scene I caught was Jack watching a butterfly being born from a chrysalis. The camera focuses on his eyes. His eyes are filled with wonder as he watches this miracle of transformation take place. A caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly.

Moments of wonder like that are important to us. Maybe it’s watching a baby discover its own hand for the first time or a man walking in space. These things do more than just enrich our lives. For those with eyes to see it reveals that this world is more than material, energy, and chance. There is a transcendent God whose fingerprints are all over this world.

God is here. He is present and active in this beautiful world we live in. He is present and active in the people we encounter. Our eyes are meant to recognize his activity and His presence in this world. We are meant to see His greatness and goodness. It is recognizing the presence of God that restores to us our wonder. His glory surrounds us if we would but look for Him.

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