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When I was a kid, I remember my Mum coming to me and blaming me for something I had not done. Mostly when she came to me with punishment I deserved it, but not this time. She was so sure that I was the culprit. In the end there was nothing I could say or do to convince her that I had not committed the act (I don’t even know what it was now). I have always remembered the false accusations of wrongdoing and being helpless to defend myself. I forgive you Mum! What can I say. I was innocent for once.

Bildad the Shuhite (some people say that he was the smallest man in the Bible) made the same sort of accusations to Job. Bildad the Blamer. This is Job’s so called friend, who has his 2 fangs worth of venom to bite with, in the guise of helping Job.

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