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This Christmas we celebrate the birth of the Saviour. Perhaps we should also mourn for the innocent lives that Herod sacrificed in order to avoid a threat to his throne. And we haven’t changed. Perhaps we should also mourn the millions of babies who are aborted each year. We have not stopped the carnage of human sacrifices to Molech. Satan has his counterfeit worship. Perhaps we should mourn for the millions of starving children around the world, sacrificed because of our selfish worldviews.

Sobering isn’t it when we correlate Christ sacrifice for our sin. He came, lived and died for us - Christ has been crucified. In our sin and hardness of heart, we were responsible for putting the innocent Son of God to death as well, to add to the list of our debts. And in dying for us, He also won the victory over the enemy, paid the price so in all that we still have to mourn about, there is finally hope for our sin sick world.

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